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Mastermind Groups foster the Success of your Business

Whether your business is well established, with a multi-tier organizational structure and sizable financials, or a sole proprietorship in which you are the one who wears all the hats, a MasterMind group can be effective in supporting your efforts to bring about the profitability that you desire.

Mastermind is an excellent forum for you to:

  • Take an in-depth look at your vision of prosperity and the current reality of your business;
  • Gain support as you identify the risks, the challenges and the obstacles to your business;
  • Get encouragement as you elaborate on your operating plans and follow through with them; and
  • Receive the benefits of a wide variety of views, opinions and experiences, as you process the issues that impact your business, and those that weigh heavily on you.

NAWBO recognizes the significant value that the Mastermind experience brings to business owners, and for that reason, offers this as a value added benefit of your NAWBO membership, saving you more than $2000 annually.

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Board Liaison
Kelly Melsted, kellymelsted@gmail.com


The Mastermind Team's mission is to provide a confidential forum of open communication, inspiration, and collaboration in bringing like-minded NAWBO members together to accelerate each other's Prosperity and Success. We assist NAWBO members to form Mastermind groups that meet regularly to support each other's business goals in terms of revenue, profits, and management strategies. Participation in a Mastermind group is a free benefit of NAWBO membership which will save you more than $2000 annually.

This team publicizes the formation of new groups, helps interested members find a group that is a fit for them, and supports current groups in meeting their needs. Members are invited to complete a Registration form in order to get the process started to become a member of an existing group or a member of a new group that is forming. Consideration is given to the type of business you are in, the areas of business you would like other members to be knowledgeable in, whether you have employees or not, and preferred meetings times and locations. Often whether you are join a particular group is a matter of an intangible “fit” between the members.

For more information about joining a Mastermind Group or being part of our Team, please contact Kelly Melsted.